Grease Trap Cleaning

At Northeast Texas Disposal in Sulphur Springs, we know that cleaning a grease trap is a critical maintenance task that helps prevent blockages, odors, and environmental hazards in your commercial kitchen. Our grease trap cleaning process helps ensure the thorough removal of accumulated grease, fats, oils, and food solids from the trap. Learn more about our grease trap cleaning process and get in touch with us today!



Before beginning the cleaning process, we ensure all water sources connected to the grease trap are shut off. This helps keep the cleaning process clean and safe and prevents any wastewater flow during cleaning. We also make sure to wear appropriate protective equipment, such as gloves and goggles, to protect ourselves from exposure to hazardous materials.

Pumping Out Grease.jpg

Pumping Out Grease

In the first step of the cleaning process, we pump out the accumulated grease and wastewater with a vacuum truck or pump. These professional tools suction out the contents of the trap carefully and effectively.

Scraping and Cleaning.jpg

Scraping and Cleaning

Once the majority of the grease is pumped out, we scrape and clean the interior of the grease trap thoroughly to remove any remaining residue. Our specialized tools and scrapers can expertly detach hardened grease and food particles from the trap walls.

Rinsing and Disposal.jpg

Rinsing and Disposal

After scraping, we rinse the grease trap with hot water to flush out any remaining debris and ensure a clean interior. We collect and dispose of the wastewater from the rinsing process according to local regulations to prevent environmental contamination.

By entrusting the cleaning process to the experienced professionals at Northeast Texas Disposal, you can trust that the grease traps in your restaurant or other commercial kitchen will operate effectively, comply with regulations, and contribute to a clean and safe kitchen environment. Reach out today to take advantage of our professional grease trap cleaning services!

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